Ignition Interlock Device : Training Video

Ignition Interlock Training Video

This interlocking device training video will explain how the device works post installation and how you will interact with it. This ignition interlocking device training video will answer questions such as:

- How does Ignition Interlocking Device power up?
- What is Hum and Blow? Training to blow into the interlock device to optimize interaction.
- How do you blow properly to pass a test?
- How do the interlocking device indicator lights work?
- How is a test aborted?
- How does alcohol consumption impacts an ignition interlock test?
- How would eating or drinking impact a test?
- How will mouthwash impact an interlock test?
- What is an Ignition Lock Out?
- What is a running retest? And can an interlocking device shut off the car?
- What happens when an interlock blow test is failed?

While this video is designed to cover the most common questions we understand that you may have a number more about the operation of your ignition interlocking device or installation. Call us here at New England Interlock at any time with your questions so that we can be sure the education and operation of your device goes smoothly.

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