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Great support is something best performed by way of a highly experienced individual. When you look for support to address a problem you might have with your internet connection you often prey to have your call answered by a geek that lives and breaths computer systems and Internet networking rather than some new hire reading from a checklist. Well, the same would be true when you are looking for support for your ignition interlocking device. Given the situation and your schedule, there is little time for error so you will likely want to speak with someone that knows the devices cold. But wait! Your question may not be about the device, it may be about how the interlocking device is installed. Or, you may likely have a question about what papers need to be filled out to fully comply with the OUI Massachusetts Vehicle Interlock Device laws? You might ask how some of this paperwork came to be and where you need to bring it to prove that you are in full compliance with the use of your ignition interlocking device as required by a Massachusetts OUI court verdict which defined Melanie's Law. Then again, you might have a question about the installation of an ignition interlock device on a particular car (exotic, sport, or luxury), truck, or commercial vehicle.

The point is, a question regarding any issue, breath interlock device or otherwise, could take many twists and turns, and the answers you get will either cost you (time and or money) or it will save you (time and or money). That is why, regardless of the situation, everyone wants to get their questions answered by the person with the most amount of real-world experience and not just what they read from a book. The most valuable answers come from those with extensive experience applying their skills against real life situations. This is why you want to select New England Interlock as your ignition interlocking device installer. We have been installing breath interlock devices since 1994, which is when interlocking devices started to turn up in the State of Massachusetts as in-car breathalzyer devices to monitor DUI/OUI offenders. Since 1994 we have been monitoring and dealing with the interlock paper trail and experiencing the ins and outs of ignition interlock device installations – for every type, style, and price range of vehicle. It is unlikely that you will ever stump our team at New England Interlock with a question pertaining to the ignition interlock process.

Don't let cost of installation sway you:

Often times a consumer starts out thinking that a certain process is too straightforward to require any sort of meaningful support and this mindset often channels them to look for what seems to be the lowest price (which after the fact they learn is was just an introductory price program designed to get them to spend more in the future, and then they learn that experienced support is scarce.) Not so with New England Interlock device costs. Our prices are the most competitive over the full ownership period of your breath interlocking device and we accomplish this without any pricing magic tricks. From us you simply get highly experienced staffers capable of answering all of your interlock questions and providing you the highest quality ignition interlock installation and de-installation. And if the best service and lowest total ignition interlock device cost was not enough, we've focused on assuring our clients that their account will be handled with the highest possible discretion and privacy. Monthly ignition breathalyzer service is always handled rapidly (usually in under 15 minutes), efficiently and discreetly.

All of this knowledge and ability to craft a great service program comes from our experience of serving and servicing thousands of past clients. Don't be fooled – go with the pro's that have been in the business since before the beginning of the Ignition Interlock Program in Massachusetts. Our only business is vehicle interlock devices so you're always sure to get the best answer the first time.

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