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Vehicle Interlock Device in MA

If you're looking for the best ignition interlocking device, something easy to use, reliable, and repeatable then you may just want to make the LifeSafer Ignition Interlock Device your first choice. LifeSafer has been a pioneer in the ignition interlocking market since the beginning so you can be sure their technology has been through the test of time for reliability and repeatability. The last thing you need when attempting to comply with OUI laws of Massachusetts is an interlocking device inferior to the best.

The interlocking sensor technology offered by LifeSafer is unlike most sensing devices utilized for alcohol breath interlock devices in that LifeSafer has pioneered proprietary sensing technology offering precision that is more accurate than law-enforcement. What does this mean to you? It means an interlocking ignition device that records data with more precision better capable of supporting your diligence to meet the Massachusetts DUI laws for drive safely under the current condition.

In setting the standard for best performance for interlocking ignition devices, LifeSafer was the first to meet the NHSA (National Highway Safety Administration) standards set in 1992 and they were the creator of the first electronic reporting mechanism for a breath interlock device in 1994. With over 500,000 units put into operation you can feel assured that LifeSafer technology will perform as expected time after time and under the extreme temperature conditions that continually challenge automobile electronics. Add to the how LifeSafer technology aids in making affordable the cost of interlock devices and you can see why they lead the industry.

The FC-100 is the flagship device of the industry being the most widely used ignition interlocking device in the United States since 1998.

- A durable breath interlocking device to withstand the elements
- Tried and true highest quality electronic components
- Proprietary sensing technology that offers incredible accuracy
- Convenient dashboard mounting
- Comfortable hand-held design
- Easily sanitized mouth piece

In adherence to the Massachusetts DUI breath interlock device use laws you will want to select a product with accuracy and a reputation you can trust. Selecting the FC-100 will offer you this piece of mind in knowing you have selected a interlocking ignition product that will not fail you.

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