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Contact New England Interlock Devices of Attleboro MA at 888-907-6230 for your Ignition Interlocking Installation and Service needs. We have been providing complete sales, service, and customer support since 1994. We can assist you with every facet of the ignition interlocking device process from the very start to the very end.

- We can help you through the process of understanding the required interlocking device paper work as per the Massachusetts OUI Melanie's Law process.

- We can provide you with your interlocking device installation where you can feel confident that we will apply the installation care and experience required to ensure a clean and reliable install. We will also show you how interlock device cost is never an issue when you choose us verses any other vendor. No tricks, no games, just the most competitive interlock device total cost of use.

- For interlocking device monitoring and calibration, through our extensive network of installers we can connect you with an installer close to your home or nearer to your work location making monthly maintenance quick and discreet.

- And lastly, when it comes time for interlocking device removal, our highly experienced installers will remove your interlock leaving no trace of its existence both esthetically and electronically.

So whether your concern is the interlock device cost, quality of installation, or the personal privacy offered by our staff and installers, we here at New England Interlock Devices have you covered.

So call us today and ask us about the device and the installation process. Don't forget to also ask us why New England Interlock of Attleboro MA ends up being the most affordable solution (without all the price games) and how we make the ignition interlocking installation process both personal and private.

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