Ignition Interlock Device Massachusetts

We are the Ignition Interlocking Device specialists in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. We've been assisting people with the logistics of the Massachusetts OUI/DUI laws as they apply to acquiring, installing and servicing of ignition interlocking devices. We understand the process, we understand the procedures, and we understand how to get all of it done in a confidential manner. We know that your goal is to drive safely under the DUI laws and LifeSafer interlocking devices can help.

Why choose New England Interlock for your ignition interlock device? The reasons are many and all of them mean that you get what you need to comply with mandates of the Massachusetts OUI laws, the piece of mind in knowing that you won't have a piece of inferior technology getting in the way of your car starting when you need it to, and staff knowledgeable enough to easily walk you through the process and the paperwork always keeping the situation confidential and private.

First the interlock technology: we represent LifeSafer. They are the leader in Interlocking Device technology being in the space since the inception in 1994. To keep their leading edge they are continually innovating interlocking technology to be more robust, more accurate and more user friendly. They've even gone so far as to develop proprietary sensing technology for increased accuracy even under the ever so harsh elements that threatens vehicle electronic devices.

Next, the interlock experience: we have been representing LifeSafer Interlocking Devices since they started out in 1992 and since then we've installed the devices in nearly every type of passenger and many different commercial vehicles. Interlocking devices is our only business so we spend 100% of our time working with the product, the process, the requirements, and the installation methods. There are no other business distractions taking place when you call us. Isn't that what you want in your ignition interlock vendor?

And then, the interlock installation team: our interlocking device installation teams are truly second to none. Each is hand picked for their experience in working with mobile electronics because we believe without car electronics experience you can't have a clean reliable interlock device installation. And that could be a problem when you are deploying an individual to perform intrusive service on today's complex electronic ignition systems. Ignition interlocking device installations are preformed in a multitude of vehicles including commercial, sport, luxury, and even exotic, and if your need requires such we have select installers that specialize in each ready to work for you. We've employed such talent so that we can assure our clients that our installers, via their experiences, will not be presented with any surprises when working on their interlock installation. This means they get an interlock install that will leave their vehicle dashboard in showroom appearance, and post interlock removal a fully functional ignition system with no future surprises.

Finally, interlock, discretion, and privacy; we have strict rules to which our discreet and personal staff adhere, from our sales staff, to our help desk, to our installation and maintenance team, we understand your need for confidentiality and we make it happen. This means from start to finish your ignition interlock account is treated with priority and desecration every time you call or visit. The goal of each and every New England Interlock Device technician is to get interlocking clients in and out for each month's calibration and monitoring in just about 15 minutes.

Call New England Interlock in Attleboro Massachusetts today and allow us share with you what sets our ignition interlock device apart from the rest.

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